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Selling Back Textbooks

College Students Explore Alternative Paths

The reality is that most people will no longer have any need for their textbooks after they graduate. While some books that are specific to your area of study may come in handy at a later date, chances are good that you won’t need most of your college textbooks. Besides, even if you were to keep them, where would you store them? It only takes a few semesters of classes to realize that the college textbooks add up quickly. For these reasons and more, many college students choose to sell their textbooks after they are finished with their classes.

Fortunately for most college students, selling their textbooks is a relatively simple process. In fact, many college campuses have an on-campus bookstore where books can be sold back to the store. Although this is certainly a convenient option, a growing number of college students are choosing to pursue different avenues for selling back their books. For example, some are posting ads on the campus bulletin to advertise their books for sale, others are working out arrangements with their roommates in which they exchange books rather than exchange money and others are choosing to sell their college textbooks online.

Selling college textbooks online offers many advantages that can’t be found at a campus bookstore. For those students who are attending a community college or who are taking distance learning classes, such as online classes, selling their books back to a campus bookstore may not be an option. After all, most community colleges do not have an on-site campus bookstore and distance learners may be located hundreds of miles from the brick and mortar campus. For these students, selling their textbooks online may be the only true option available to them.

Even for college students who do have an on-campus bookstore available to them, selling their textbooks online still offers many benefits. For example, selling textbooks online does not require standing in a long line as you wait your turn to find out if your book will even be purchased. As anyone who has sold their books back to a college bookstore is aware, this can be a very time-consuming process. In addition to the added convenience, selling your textbooks online can also result in getting more money back than you would get a campus bookstore. While a campus bookstore has the luxury of setting prices with little to no competition in the area, online stores compete with each other to offer the best prices possible.

Fortunately for students who wish to sell their textbooks online, the process is quite simple. After providing the ISBN number to the online store, the store will provide you with a quote that you may choose to accept or decline. Then, you simply mail the books in and wait for your money – no need to stand in lines and no need to wonder whether or not the price you are quoted is fair.