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Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

It's a known fact that young college students pay very high premiums for auto insurance. It's all about statistics - young drivers cause more accidents than older drivers, get more tickets, drive more recklessly, etc.

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How College Students Can Save On Car Insurance

Younger car drivers, particularly males between the ages of 16 and 24, are in for an expensive time with their car insurance in those earlier years. Young males are regularly involved in auto accidents, which in turn means that the insurance premiums rise.

Nevertheless, there are ways to lessen the burden on the younger driver. Let's consider a few of these now.

Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping is a sure way for college students to find the cheapest rates on car insurance. By comparing many policies and prices, they'll be able to make the right decision, and save money.

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Drive Within the Law

In your first year of driving it's very important to drive safely and within the rules of the road. The more points you have on your license, the more costly will be your car insurance. No points equals cheaper rates.

A variety of insurance companies are now offering a black recorder box which is fitted to the vehicle. What the box does is monitor aspects of your driving such as speed, breaking, and a few other key driving skills. This data allows insurance companies to tailor prices to your driving skills rather than to your age group.

The Type Of Car You Drive Affects Your Premiums

High performance and fast cars equate to a rise in insurance premiums. The same can be said for those cars that have been modified in some way. A less powerful vehicle with no modification is best in order to keep insurance premiums more affordable and cheap.

For example, here are some small, but, fast cars that are expensive to insure.

1.Subaru Impreza WRX 4WD
2.Scion tC
3.Hyundai Tiburon
4.Mercedes CLS class 4dr
5.Suzuki Forenza
6.Honda Civic Si
7.Dodge Charger
8.Nissan 350Z
9.Chevrolet Cobalt
10.Suzuki Reno

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Increase Deductibles

By increasing your deductibles you are in effect taking a larger proportion of the risk on your shoulders. But at the same time, you will be able to lower your auto insurance premium.

Check with a variety of insurers in order to find out how much you can save if you increase your deductible. It is possible to save as much as 40% on comprehensive and collision in exchange for a $1,000 deductible.

Driver Training Programs

In a number of states around the U.S. auto insurance companies provide discounts to those younger drivers who complete a training program. The level of discount will vary however, so it's wise to conduct some comparison shopping to find the best deal.

The Good College Student

Not only do good school grades open up avenues for further education but they also can mean sizeable savings on car insurance.

Some insurers offer discounts for those students who achieve a 3.0 GPA or better at school. However, any traffic offence will void a discount awarded for being a good university student.

Drop Some Insurance

If you drive an older car, you should consider dropping comprehensive and collision coverage altogether. The reason being that you will only get the current car value should you be involved in an accident. To obtain the current value of the car you drive, visit this website: Kelley Blue Book – used car prices.

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Example Rates

College students usually pay higher insurance rates because they are young, thus are considered high-risk by the insurers.

The table below shows average rates for policies with $100K for injury liability, $300K for total injuries per accident, $100K for property damage. We also show average rates for minimum liability.

Student Age 100/300/100 Liability Minimum Liability
18 year old $4,050 $1,640
19 year old $2,840 $1,083
20 year old $2,550 $954
21 year old $2,060 $762
22 year old $1,880 $694
23 year old $1,740 $643
Your rates will mostly be different - these rates are just an example of what a student might pay to be insured.

Why Does Car Insurance Cost More For Male College Students?

There are a few reasons as to why younger male students pay more for their auto insurance premiums. Records show that younger males in particular are higher risk because of "certain driving characteristics". And of course, along with higher risk comes higher premiums.

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Young male drivers between the age of 16 and 22 represent an above average proportion of customers looking for first time car insurance. With the level of risk that this age group poses, added to the increasing numbers of them wishing to drive, the insurance companies have little choice but to ensure that their own profit margins are protected.

Interestingly, The National Institute of Health have statistics to prove that when young male drivers have a more mature passenger alongside, they generally drive more responsibly. This could be because the driver feels more secure, and also more wary of doing anything wrong whilst at the wheel. The question must be asked then, is it possible to implement a law whereby young male drivers must be accompanied by an older adult whenever they are driving a car?

Let’s move on to a few more issues as to why male drivers – particularly the younger generation – are charged higher insurance premiums.

Thrill Seeking

Young males take far more risks behind the wheel (and in life in general) than do their female counterparts. They break the speed limit far more often (37% of male drivers in the U.S. between the ages of 15 and 20 were speeding at the time of a fatal crash in 2008) and are also inclined to drink drive more than females do. As the Department of Motor Vehicles in California stated, speed in combination with inexperience plays a part in the number of fatal accidents each year.

Young male drivers also have a tendency for overconfidence. They make assumptions that they can handle difficult situations on the road, which then leads to traffic violations and aggressive behavior. Young males often run red lights, and feel pleasure and excitement from tailgating.

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Even for more mature males who have little to no driving experience, they are perceived as a far lower risk category than younger males because they have less desire for thrill seeking and are far more responsible.

Seat Belt Use

Younger male drivers have less inclination to use seat belts. Again, it comes down to over-confidence in their own ability regardless the fact that other drivers on the road may be even more incapable than they are. They place too much trust in air bags where in actuality, air bags are meant to be used in tandem with a seat belt to lessen the danger of bodily harm and possibly death. According to statistics, 55% of teenage males killed in car crashes were not using their seat belts.

More Passengers

Young male drivers are known to carry more passengers than young female drivers do. Particularly when those passengers are also young, it’s unfortunately true that more fatalities occur. Young passengers tend to distract the driver more. Young passengers also often lead to the car driver taking more risks.
Statistically, two or more young passengers equates to five times the normal risk.

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Often Asked Questions

We hope we were able to answer some of the common questions we get when it comes to insuring college students. Questions like: How much is car insurance for college students?; Do students get a discount on car insurance?; How much is car insurance for a 20 year old?; Do grades affect your insurance?; How much is car insurance for a 19 year old?