Life Insurance For College Students

Believe it or not, life insurance agents are often asked about life insurance for college students.

You are probably thinking that it does not make sense because they are young and healthy, but if you think about it, it does make sense.

Let's look at some of the important reasons college students should get life insurance.


1) The student has parents that have co-signed a student loan.

Most likely, if you are a college student, you had to have your parents or another family member be a co-signer of your student loans. There's no way that a financial institution will loan $200,000 to someone without a credit history.

That's great, but, did you ever think what would happen if you die? I know, it's not a pleasant thought, but it happens.

Basically, your parents, or other co-signer, would probably have to pay your student loans until they are in their seventies or later. That would be totally unfair to them.

So, go ahead and get yourself a life insurance policy. At your age, life insurance is very cheap and affordable, and will buy a lot of peace of mind.


2) The college student has a family and financial obligations like a mortgage or debt.

In this case, you definitely don't want to leave your spouse in a financial predicament in case you die.

Guess who has to pay for your student loans, yes, you guessed it correctly - your spouse.

Furthermore, if you have children, you want to make sure they are well taken care off, and someday they are able to go to college like you.


Don't procrastinate, get life insurance coverage today.

It is so affordable for a college student, that it is practically a no-brainer.