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Date: 12/11/21
By: MP
Awesome website!!
This website saved me a ton of time & money through college and law school. What a great way to "shop around" all in one place. Thanks AAB!
Date: 05/17/21
By: Michael
great for saving a few bucks
I came across this site and it was pretty easy to look for the textbooks i need on here and save some time and money by letting them search the web and compare prices for me. bookmarked it and will be using this next semester, definitely recommended
Date: 02/15/21
By: Maria
Great deal on nursing textbooks.
Was looking for "Nursing Leadership & Management" and was able to find the book for only $84
Date: 04/01/19
By: Ganesh
Like it
Good stuff you guys! Found the books I was looking for at good savings.
Date: 03/27/19
By: Nick
This site is a great tool to get the best prices on all your text books in one place. Saves you tons of money and has a clean, streamlined design. Love it!
Date: 02/25/19
By: Hector
Saved me $100
I was able to save $105 on two textbooks for my summer semester. I'll be sure to use affordabook again in the fall.
Date: 01/11/19
By: i_am_playa
Could be better
It's not bad, but could be better. Maybe more store choices.
Date: 07/10/18
By: Honorbuddy
This app is exactly what I need, if I am at the bookstore and want to make sure I'm not overpaying for the book, this app does all the work for me and I don't have to go to the different sites and comapre the prices, I can do it straight from my phone. I'd like to meet the genious who came up with this.
Date: 04/09/18
By: mobiole_fan
Nice app - saved me $10 in store.
It would be cool to add push for watch list - so I know best price for some books.
Date: 03/27/18
By: ea
great prices
I was shopping for books got some great deals.
Date: 03/27/18
By: Ashley C
Affordable Textbooks
I was looking for an AP English Lit book and I was so glad to come across Great inventory of affordable textbooks
Date: 03/10/18
By: marqsal
Thanks for version 1.1
I definitely like the idea to remove login and registration.
Date: 03/02/18
By: Jeffy B
Fixes the biggest issue
The new version definitely resolves my biggest issue with the first version, which was requiring me to login. You shouldn't need an account to use the app. The app works very well though. Now I want push notification in the next version so I can get price alerts immediately!
Date: 02/08/18
By: Tony M
Saved me a ton on money
Saved a bunch of $$ on my textbooks by using this site.