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Why Do Textbooks Cost So much?

School textbooks are not cheap. The cost of books for a full year of college may top $1,000.00, no matter if you attend a community college or an expensive university.

Why are school books so expensive?

One reason for the high cost is specialization.

Another reason: some professors want their students to purchase their own research books, which are usually under contract through a publisher in much lower numbers than what may be found at a mainstream bookstore. And further, limited edition printings required by some courses, may cost more because the press run is smaller than what is normally done by large publishers.

Also, some universities, although diverse in their programs, have set curricula every few years, and have set a listing of special titles students must purchase for each class. And within these set curricula are several text listings that stay in the reading list for one to ten years at a time.

So, there's a few of the reasons why you can't find affordable textbooks at the university/college bookstore.

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Where The Money Goes on a $100 Textbook

Where The Money Goes on a $100 Textbook


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