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Humanities majors will need a wide range of textbooks and reading material throughout their college career. Some of the most common subjects covered are Art, Religion, Culture, Philosophy and Language.

Fortunately for them, a lot of these textbooks can be bought second hand, and usually older editions aren't significantly outdated since History doesn't change that much!

Search above for the best prices on new and used Humanities textbooks.

Humanities Textbooks:

Odyssey A Unit Plan
ISBN: 9781583372470
Art Connections
ISBN: 9780673360809
Navigating Senior Drama
ISBN: 9780521677417
Teaching Children Art
ISBN: 9780131041592
Art in the Elementary School
ISBN: 9780697125002
Art for the Very Young
ISBN: 9781568226682
Art in Chemistry
ISBN: 9781591583097
Art A Community Connection
ISBN: 9780871924919
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