Cheap Textbooks for Rent and Purchase

Buying Used Textbooks

Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you will be spending on textbooks alone when entering college? Take a look at the reading requirements necessary to receive a degree in Library Sciences at Southern Connecticut State University.

The list of required textbooks and their listed prices is long and awfully expensive. However, look at the price for which the book is available if bought used. It quickly becomes apparent than buying used textbooks, or renting them, is one of the best options.

  1. Using Information Technology: A Practical Introduction to Computers & Communications (7th Edition) by Brian K. Williams and Stacey C. Sawyer (List Price $71.56, Used Price 51¢ )
  2. Foundations for Library and Information Science by Richard Rubin (List Price $65.00, Used Price $59.94 )
  3. Reference and Information Services: An Introduction by Richard Bopp and Linda Smith (List Price $50.00, Used $29.12 )
  4. Introduction to Reference Work by William A Katz (List Price &76.88, Used 59.99)
  5. Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (List Price$85.00, Used $55.06 )
  6. Introduction to Cataloging and Classification by Arlene Taylor (List Price $50.00, Used $35.99)
  7. ALA Filing Rules by the American Library Association (List Price $16.00, Used $7.94 )
  8. Manheimer's Cataloging and Classification by Jerry Saye (List Price $59.95, Used $39.99 )
  9. Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease (List Price $15.00, Used $7.95 )
  10. Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs, and Behavior by D.O. Case (List Price $74.95, Used $58.99 )
  11. The School Media Manager by Blanche Woolls (List Price $45.00, Used $36.00)
  12. Information Power: Building Partnership for Learning by the American Library Association (List Price $38.00, Used $27.00)
  13. Library & Information Center Management by Robert D. Stueart & Barbara Moran (List Price $50.00, Used $46.61 )
  14. Supervising Staff by Marcia Trotta (List Price $59.95, Used $56.91)
  15. Library Public Relations, Promotions, and Communications by Lisa Wolfe (List Price:$59.95, Used $49.95)
  16. Instructional Technology and Media for Learning by Sharon Smaldino, James Russell, Robert Heinich, and Michael Molenda. (List Price $96.67, Used $72.46)
  17. The Systematic Design of Instruction by Walter Dick (List Price $104.67, Used $64.99)
  18. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Society (List Price $27.95, Used $20.00)
  19. Helping Teachers Teach: A School Library Media Specialist's Role by Philip Turner (List Price $44.00, Used $31.67)

As you can see, purchasing used college textbooks would save around $300. With the cost of room, meals, and transportation, not to mention the staggering cost of tuition, that $300 savings can be a godsend to any college student and his or her parents.

In addition to saving money, you can also help reduce the number of new books that need to be produced - less paper means an environmental gain.

Buying used textbooks is the only way to go. Smart students buy books online, the others save hassle and pay full price. Anyone can tell you that it is best to put the effort into saving money.