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Go Green - Buy Used Books!

If you consider yourself to be an eco-conscious person, you are likely looking for as many ways to go "green" as possible. If so, you might want to consider purchasing used college textbooks.

Not only does purchasing used college textbooks help save you money, it also reduces the number of new textbooks that need to be produced.

Nothing like saving the planet and getting cheap textbooks at the same time.

As a result, you help reduce the number of trees that need to be destroyed while also reducing the amount of pollution that goes into producing new textbooks.

Save Trees by Purchasing Used College Textbooks

It may seem like you are making an insignificant impact on the number of trees that are cut down when you purchase used textbooks, but the reality is that every book counts. Just imagine how many trees could be saved if even just half of the students on your college campus purchased used books rather than buying new books.

Most experts estimate that approximately 4 million trees are cut down each year in order to print new textbooks. Purchasing new instead of used can significantly reduce the number of trees that have to be put to rest in order to support your education.

Save Trees by Renting Your College Textbooks

In addition to saving money by renting your textbooks, you will also be helping with the number of trees that are cut down. Why not recycle textbboks also.

Cut Down on the Size of Landfills by Purchasing Used College Textbooks

Purchasing used textbooks is also a great way to reduce the size of landfills. Landfills cause a number of problems for the communities where they are located. For example, the trash in the landfills can lead to soil contamination through leakage, which can lead to polluted groundwater.

The decaying organic waste inside of the landfills can also lead to offgassing of methane gas. This greenhouse gas is even more dangerous than carbon dioxide in terms of its effect on the environment. But, when you buy a used textbook, you help reduce the number of textbooks that find their way into the landfill.

Reduce Pollution by Purchasing Used College Textbooks

In addition to reducing the amount of pollution in landfills and reducing the contamination that results from these landfills, purchasing used books also helps reduce the amount of pollution created from the process of making new books

Just the process of making the paper and ink needed for the books is one that creates a significant amount of air pollution. When you purchase used textbooks rather than new books, you eliminate the need to create more books, which means less pollutants are put into the air.

So, if you are looking to save money while also doing your part to help reduce pollution, go "green" and purchase used textbooks. By shopping online, you will find several individuals and companies offering used books for sale, making it far easier for you to find used books at great prices.